Riding the High Horse!

2015-04-19 16.44.17

Once upon a tell-ah!
There was a stately fell-ah!
Who rode a majestic chariot,
Like no man ever rode before…

His ride was a complete stell-ah!
A noisy a capell-ah!
It clinked and clanked and made a bang,
Sounds that no ride ever bore…

Feasted on a prudish haym-ow!
With pride the shade of alpengl-ow!
Bellowing his shiny armor,
And galloping evermore…

Through the house of the may-ah!
The crowded street or empty bri-ah!
Billowed chest and chin to the sky,
The whole town he filled with furore…

He reckoned his stallion was bett-ah!
Than all folk, stamp, pole and lett-ah!
There was no doubt,
With him she would go…

Sprinting straight!
Towards her gate!
Gait and spirit,
Always high, never low…

Go, go, goes his shi-yeh!
Slumped straight into the mi-yeh!
Pulled and pulled his chariot
Muck being its feisty foe…

And while he was left to holl-ah!
He saw her with an earthly fell-ah!
She was glowing with smiles looking into his eyes,
It was quite a show…

But how! He was a mill-ah!
Together they walked into the sun-soaked will-oh!
Beautiful in her white gown,
Beautiful-er than the beautiful-est doe …

Shredded his horse in the mi-yeh…
And walked straight into the dying fi-yeh!
Soaked in dripping muck
From head to toe…!!!
In search of another shore…!!!

-The End