The Wanderer


A walk to the light,
May not always be paved by a road…
The winds and the rocks,
And the songs of the birds,
Steer you gently towards the friendly ford…!
And thence a voice from the skies herald,
‘Not all those who wander are lost,
For it is the mountains who to them accost’!

Summoned at the arrival of the untamed warmth,
The tormented soul burns with anguish to explore…
The reaches of its depths,
And the lock to its chambers,
When the violent winds order him to soar…
And the heaving soul thence declares,
‘My answers are not on the roads they take,
I ain’t the one to walk the paths they made’!

The resfeber of the curious rover,
Bursts out in a fulminant melody…
It giggles and it swivels,
As it wheels on the golden earth,
For the soul has, at last, discovered to cherish its singularity…
Paint me purple, it squeaks with glee,
As the soft whistles of the evening play,
Recite remembrances of the day.

I live with the mountains, And I talk to the stones,
I glare a bewildered stare, as they tell me their story,
Of how they rose,
From the crust to the waters to, now, the heavens,
Gifted with a golden crown of undefeated glory…
Hear! The roaring sound of the sentinel conqueror scream,
‘He who is lost is not always looking for the way,
For he revels in the sound mystery of mirth and dismay’!

I am joyous like the playful water, I am free,
Untamed like the fire in the skies…
I am limitless like the aether, I am indefinite,
Unrestrained like the winds…
I am whole, I am part, I belong to no one like the spirit that never dies…
I am one, I am many, Oh! Way too many,
And with armed spirits I walk on, for I am, Oh! Sir,




The Illuminating Void


Pick a day in your life, one day that was just perfect, an hour, moment, a second that you would change nothing, absolutely nothing about…it was that day…the perfect day, perfect evening, the perfect moment…I don’t really know how long it lasted, I had no measure of time…could have been a second or a couple of hours…time didn’t make a difference because it didn’t exist…Everything was still…ALIVE but still…like it was suspended in time…there was no sign of humanity for miles, till my eye could see and beyond…the company of mountains and the meandering river, glimmer of the moonlight, blinking stars and the silence…the intonation of the mountains, rhythmic, like a symphony of the heavens…a symphony made not of sounds but simply by existence, of their magnanimity and design…

Everything knew its course, all was ME but still had individual existence…a personality which was defining, with sharp edges, bumps, rounds and curves and all…Everything was within AND without…”I” was all that I could be on that bridge that was two ropes tied at either ends…swaying yet supporting all that came to its sanctuary…It swayed under the full moon like a blanket used to swing a child, a warm, soothing cradle that slowly rocks you to sleep…It shone in the borrowed moonlight…it was the light of the heavens, with a warmth of a mothers’ lap in that minus-something temperature with me without my winter clothes…

Light of the heavens, the divine…it was the luminous light of ME…with no one around, the bridge would have ceased to exist if not for my presence there…the only spectator, the sole witness and the other way around…we were both sole bystanders of each-others being…Hence we needed each other and we sat comfortably in our shared silence, contemplating, introspecting, BEING…I owned it…Owned the darkness that was resting there for the night…it belonged to me…

Everything in its current state that was me and that precariously hanging bridge and our moonlight of existence…I was a tiny speck in that enormousness that was space with heaps of rock and dust towering around me in all directions…but that tiny speck was all that the universe was…nothing else mattered…no one else required…nowhere else to be and no one to belong to…I could sit under the bright moonlight braving the dark, crouched in the middle of the rocking bridge, over 50ft above the singing river for all of eternity, MY eternity…Because time had come to a screeching halt…It didn’t matter how colossal the cosmos was, the speck had an identity, an unchallenged existence demanding no proof or evidence and having nothing to prove, that stood steady in the spotlight with its shadow as a judge…

The light bright so as to see everything clearly…Bright but not blinding…Not the kind that hurts the eye, makes them shut and look inside but the kind that allows you to measure yourself in the vastness that is the universe…Silence was a comrade too and for once it wasn’t haunting, daunting or vicious…it wasn’t intimidating, quite the opposite really…it sat beside me in its own space, aware of my presence but minding its own business at first…it slowly made its way towards me…It covered me, enveloped me, it was like a joyous child on a fathers back…it rolled on me, jumped on me, covered me from all sides, it consumed me, embraced me and blanketed me…it kind of tickled…tickled my senses alive…alive enough to soak in everything that was around and shut out everything that didn’t matter…it took over each sense…slowly…one at a time…comforting, soothing…like I wasn’t alone…we were both lost together…lost and outcasted…Each with its daunting existence, we found solace in the other ones company…

Silence is pretty good-natured, whoever said it liked being alone…We had a lot in common…it was tranquil, gentle… healing in fact…like a child’s touch…the silence, it made tiny giggles, moans and sounds of joy as it rolled over me and ticked me everywhere…it looked onto me with its big eyes and put its head on my lap, purring and whimpering for attention…The stillness, it was different…it allowed me to be silent… to be numb…to forget all actuality and still be aware of it…it made time stop or maybe made everything move too quick so as to make it seem constant…I don’t know…

But that was when I decided, it was as beautiful as anything can get…!!! 🙂

Listen to the silence speak,
It lives in blessed places,
Hushed and locked up in the dungeon,
It’s only found in veiled traces…!!!

Cockled under a stampede of thoughts,
It crawls from under a million feet,
Only to be lost again in enslaved graces…!!!

Crouched on all fours,
Nails squawking dirt on the ground,
Bloodied and beat it clutches on,
Scraped knees and bruised palms,
Waiting to be found…!!!

Just as it was wheezing gone,
Aeolus flies in on his reined horses,
And rescues it in a cradled shroud…!!!

The shackles, they crumble and fall,
In the cold of the aureole,
It glides into the haven which is its home,
Its’ now an emissary to the vagabond,
The offerer of aplomb…!!!

Held gently in the hollowed palms of Gaia,
Merged with the earthen chiaroscuro,
Where it pleasingly belongs…!!!

Suspended in mid-air,
On ropes with logs precarious and bleak,
She looks to the dubiously blinking celestials,
And the pristine free-flowing river,
Feeling miniscule and meek…!!!

As she is swayed by the passionate winds,
She holds tight the reins of the mid-air bridge; whooshing past her it says,
Hush! Hush my child, you are safe with me!

It pivots and it rolls,
Swivels and rides the gales with glee,
It chuckles and sniggers,
Unbridled of reins, it sprints and laughs,
Larks through the skies at being free…!!!

She watchs it saunter; meandering, teasing the gusts,
Slowly, she lets go of the rope,
To be carried to its clique…!!!

It looks at her with twinkling eyes,
Soaring…Floating past,
Takes her hand and says,
Let go! Surrender!
Oh! Take; take to the skies with me…!!!

Hush! Hush my child! Just BE!!!
You are safe…
You are safe with me!!!