Published: ‘Six by Eight Feet’


Still as beauteous as vernal willow,

In the kaleidoscopic gossamers of light
Streaming from her corner
Winded by the contiguous timber
That had been her comrade
For half a century past…

She looked as young as the day she had come in,
As blazing as the skies
As sweltering as the aureole
As fervent as the storms
As fiery as the orange she donned…

As unwonted, as vehement, unequalled, an intrepid
As… as
Still, tranquil…
As pleasant as she was ole…

And the strength of a stalwart equine,

Dwarfed by the inflexible darkness
Screaming from right down the core
Of the unceasing march of stone walls
Silent in progression
But spry to house her soul…

First day in, she had looked as stripped as a newborn
As harried as the dusty lands
As ravaged as carrion
As broken as a dream
As lost as a letter on silent grounds…

As stark, as scourge, bleak, astray
Disrobed, barren
As fragmented as her impending dawn…

The rambunctious shrieks
And the unruly brawls

Blatant rape of her space
And being
Raucous ordains and
The arduous inane labor
Reeking of the melancholy of trapped demons

At the end of their game.
The black bile
Consuming the hallways,
Each solitary cell,
Their sanity and resolve…

Vacuous words
From people who had once been
But now were as lost
As they were around…
As empty as the night

Spilt of all juices, thoughts, dreams
Poured out like black blood
From a wound;
She felt whole
Her being now hard bound and delivered…

It lay on the rack as sacred as her first words
As hallow as her fatuous sins
Filled with tales of purple trees
And talking breeze
And ALL the splendor her life had not seen…

Her beautifully unveiled imagination
As bound as she had been
Inside these walls for 56 years
Back at 18, she finally felt free…

Still as beauteous as vernal willow,

In the kaleidoscopic gossamers of light
Streaming from her corner
Winded by the contiguous timber
Of the dark forest
Outside her prison walls…

As she lay breathing her last,
The guards queried
What kept her going that long
She lifted her eyes
And looked one last time

Across the dark room
And the cold stone walls
Out her crooked little window
She was at peace

Six by eight feet
That was her swansong.


The Purpose!!! El Objecto De Valor!!!


Broken swing with the hands of wood looking in different directions of disagreement. Dusty sills…Tattered, weary, drowsy fences…The door was falling apart. All it needed was the kids gentle sigh of confusion-bred dejection and it would give way, lose its guard and come crashing down to allow for a flood of magic, miracle and memories it held inside from years innumerable. Ever since he could remember having a memory, since he learnt to open his eyes and soak in the light of the external world…ever since he knew he was alive and even before that knowledge had crept in and found its seat there; he remembered this house, in its greatest detail and all its glory, shelter, warmth, laughter, servitude. The existence of this house in his shards of remembrance dated back to when he made pals with time and they both started teething together, preparing to crunch as many occurrences as their infinitesimal existence would let them bite on from here on. It was his sanctuary…

That was in the past. Time and he didn’t see eye to eye anymore. They seemed to have let go of each other’s hands and got lost somewhere along the million and labyrinth-like maze’d’ paths of compliance, thought and reason.

As he walked in, now, after, well, who knows how long! (He isn’t friends with time anymore, remember!), stepped over the threshold in his mind, peered in; everything inside was the way it was. Nothing lost its place, not an inch. Not out of organization and order but because no one bothered to touch anything, let alone move it or make use of it. They hadn’t had a visitor ever since! Objects from his past just lay there with saddened eyes and a soul full of hope to get an ounce of attention, a stroke, to be laid eyes on. Something………Anything…

Just got buried under a thick coat of dust, the dust had walked in like the shadow of death with its ghastly black robe and spread itself over all of what he held dear, in all its authority (or was it absurdity!), like a pseudo-king on a throne he knows belongs to him only for a while. But did it? Was death there only for a while or had he won its war with time, killed it and established his reign. Had it spread its wings of destruction through all the corners of this once beautiful house, a loom never to be lifted since time was now waiting in his coffin…waiting to be buried and be put to peace, at last.

Everything in the house seemed to drag around the dark shroud on its back, in its current state. The ignorance, the wait only making it’s being obese, heavy and crushing. Fatigue, hopelessness and despondency sat with interlocked hands on all he could see spread out before him, everything which was as anally organized and angled as if it was put in place by someone suffering from acute and chronic OCD.

Will this scaffold ever be repaired, this house ever be lived in again, or it has been ordered into timeless doom? Is its attempt to stand out, beyond repair…? So bright in the day and so dark in the night that it loses its identity…so merged with its adjacencies that it is stripped of its singularity and the complete essence of its being and eventually turns invisible…brutally sentenced to camouflage! Will it be allowed to serve its purpose again, while time continued to hold dear its aridity!?! He sat on the barren ground…rested his head on the edge of the beautiful, green wooden entrance and………and he thought.

And as he questioned himself…

Hey! THERE! Look! He saw something…SOMEONE! Well! What do you know! Sam was still there…He never left…The dog was still there, doing his job. He stayed there, in his chambers…Looking out…Looking on…He STAYED…Because that was his PURPOSE. That’s what he was supposed to do. And what’s better, HE KNEW IT!!! Sam ran to him with happy growl and whimpers, wagging his tail 🙂

He got up, walked in and found time waiting for him once again!

And that was just the beginning!