Writer’s Block!


Writer’s Block: An epiphenomenally noumenon phenomenon

Blank spaces, white pages,
Nibble marks shifted
From the coloration on you,
Orange then red then blue;

To the back of my quill…

The soft indulgent bites
Grow some fearsome blades
Tales of which the rachis
Of my feather;

Displays in many shades…

The unremitting rounds, of knocking sounds,
The union of calamus
In duel with the seabed of dead paint,
Failing to ensnare

The bazillion flying thoughts…

Oh! How it waits to bleed,
Its pure blood
And seep through the veins
Of its abiding and one true ally,

The papyrus…

There’s no one there, but an empty stare,
In the dungeons of my soul,
To which its crusade is liege
Dark and wet with distant sounds

Like the caged dead of the crypts…

Let the war-horns be blown
And the troops summoned
Gather the men to go in search
In the theater of war

By a hundred thousand dozens…

The solo wanderer, left traces of flounder
On her path to the summit
And down under the rocks
In pursuit

Of her unfaithful companions’ kill…



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