All in a day’s work!

The heat,
The zing,
And the sharp sting,
Of the blazing dawn…
Fired darts of flames,
Punched in my skin,
Burning within,
I like the way I crumble and fall…

I wanna fly, glide into the morning sun with you baby…

The surfs,
The roar,
Miles from the shore,
Of the unmanacling tempest…
Vortex and thoughts,
Spinning around,
With a deafening sound,
I like the way they demolish me with every thrash…

I wanna plunge, dive straight into the tumultuous storm with you baby…

Blows his breeze,
Making me freeze,
Right down to the core…
Whooshes and swishes,
And sits right on,
Exsanguinate my brawns,
I like the way it snaps me in a million places…

I wanna drive into the cold night, ride up to the moon with you baby…

Zugzwang too,
But the next move,
Is behoove,
For the ensuing line of our story…
The die waits,
To be rolled,
And the number called,
I hold my breath as my mouth turns cotton…

It’s your turn, roll the die precious,

Make your move, finish the game baby…!!!



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